Council of Australian Biological Collections (CABC)

Welcome to the Council of Australian Biological Collections (CABC)

CABC is the peak body representing biological collections in Australia. It provides an authoritative, coordinated body representing biological collections and their research institutions to government, industry and the broader community.

The aims of the Council are to:

  • coordinate and develop common approaches to biological collections issues;
  • raise awareness and appreciation of the importance of evidence-based research focussed on Australia’s collections of our natural heritage, particularly through the sciences of taxonomy, systematics, biogeography, molecular genetics and other related biodiversity research issues;
  • respond to government needs on biodiversity;
  • provide advice to government on national and international biodiversity issues.

Together, members of CABC are custodians of a distributed national biodiversity collection holding tens of millions of specimens of Australian vertebrate and invertebrate animals, plants, algae, fungi, insects, and microbes in over 15 leading institutions. The combined monetary value of these collections is estimated to be in excess of AU$4.7 billion. However, from a scientific perspective, the collections are irreplaceable — representing an enormous fraction of the total knowledge of the biodiversity of Australia and its territorial waters.